Auto Body Rust Repair Tips

Auto body rust repair is usually a frequent issue on older vehicles. Dents or scratches can put on away paint and expose metal on the elements. Living inside a snowy surroundings may perhaps also increase the chance for rust injury. as road salt and other ice removal accelerants can cause rust damage as time passes. Irrespective of how the rust formed. hold these rust repair tips in mind to restore your auto body to like-new ailment:

Inspect Your Vehicle’s Surface Carefully

The initial step in properly treating auto body rust is figuring out the extent from the injury. For those who have a vintage car. you may contemplate going over all surfaces of the vehicle having a fine-tooth comb. This is for the reason that rust doesn’t normally materialize as dark-red discoloration. Rather. what you should be trying to find are modest bubbles while in the painted surface on the vehicle. If this kind of bubbles are present. it is actually probable that rust is hiding underneath.

Removing Rust

Auto body rust repair is just about normally ideal left to your experts. Nonetheless. when you have some auto repair experience as well as spot of corrosion is no larger than 4 inches in diameter. then it might be doable to get rid of the rust on your own. To complete so. you are going to want to use a sanding disc with 100-grit sandpaper to the impacted area. Doing work slowly. sand away the rust. as well because the instant area sounding the corrosion. This can generate an even plane for paint adhesion.

Additional Sanding

Once the rust is removed. it really is advised which you sand the place with successively finer grit sizes. By way of example. a second pass may well integrate 120-grit sandpaper in addition to a 3rd pass could possibly benefit from a 150-grit sandpaper. When sanded finely. tack cloth may possibly is proposed for removing any metal or dirt debris.

Priming and Painting

Three to 4 light coats of self-etching primer are encouraged for auto body rust repair jobs. Prior to priming. block off the surrounding body paint through the use of newspaper and masking tape. Wait about five to ten minutes just before applying each successive coat. Then. wait right up until the following day to apply the paint. Apply the paint within a similar. light-coated manner. Soon after five or 6 coats. leave the paint to dry overnight. then come back and take away the newspaper and masking tape. A wash and wax may perhaps be useful as soon as the repair is completed.


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